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The Industrial Centre provides various application-oriented multi-disciplinary practical experience and other learning activities to local universities and colleges. More than 50 academic programmes offered by local universities and colleges adopted our application-oriented multi-disciplinary practical experience and learning activities in their programme curriculum, benefitting approximately 3,000 students each year.

IC’s learning activities are very different from lecture and tutorial in many aspects such as learning environment, pedagogy, delivery of activities, assessment, etc. To help you to turn your IC experience to one of the most enjoyable, inspiring and valuable periods of your life, we strongly recommend you to read through our IC TRAINEE HANDBOOK before starting your IC learning activities.

The following resources and services are available for current students:

Online Resources and Services

Learning Programme
It is a list of IC learning activities or subjects specially designed and selected to cater your discipline and academic study. In most cases you can find it in your Programme Definitive Document. You may also get a copy of your IC Learning Programme here.

A single IC subject may include a variety of components or activities such as technology-based practical experience, project-based practical experience, integrative learning, lecture, tutorial, industrial visit, etc. The delivery venue, duration and time of each component or activity may therefore vary. Your AS timetable may only be able to show the broad arrangement by subject. For detail arrangement and timetable of components or activities under each subject in your IC Learning Programme, please refer to your timetable available here.

Make-up Enquiry and Application
It is your responsibility to ensure you have completed all timetabled IC learning activities. You can check your IC study record here. If you have missed any components, activities or classes, even with approval, you are still requested to make up. You are strongly advised to make up any such missed training before the finalization of result in that semester. Once the subject result has been finalized and released, your make up will not be counted. You can propose make-up dates to our General Office through web-based submission.

Computer Training
It is one of our learning activities and components. In most cases this activity or component will not be timetabled and you are allowed to select to attend the module(s) stipulated in your Programme Definitive Document or IC Learning Programme (above) from our class schedule which can best accommodate your personal timetable. On-line enrolment and assessment result (pass or fail) checking are available.


Useful Information

IC Training Handbook
Induction Notes
Arrangements during Bad Weather
Safety Booklet

Download Section

IC Workshop Report
Request Form for IC Facilities/Service (IC-T01)
Request Form for R&D Postgraduate Project Support (IC-T02)
Training Log Book Assessment Form (IC-T04)
Leave Application Form (IC-T08)
Practical Training Exemption Application Form (IC-T15)
Application Form for Mandatory Basic Safety Training Card (IC-T16)
IC-T27 Training Attachment Application (Student Applicant)
IC-T28 Training Attachment Application (Working Personnel)
Departmental Project/Job Requisition Form (IPU-015)
Application for Certification of IC Training (IC-T47)

Useful Links

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PolyU Pao Yue-kong Library
PolyU Student Affairs Office
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The Government of Hong Kong SAR
The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
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